Ginni Seehagel is an artist, writer, and walker who seeks and finds joy in the world as it is.



Ginni works from Vancouver, BC on the west coast of Canada where she's imagined living for much of her life. The coast houses the most important things for her to live a life that grows; that is sightly and kind. 

She's very glad to be here.

She attests that places themselves have power and personalities that interact with us and hold us as much as any other being, and encourages anyone curious by this to explore and tend their connection with a given place. Much can be gleaned and simply enjoyed, she thinks.

Observation and walking are the means to her work. 


She'll tell you that she needs to walk to 'know the stuff' – to know anything – that observing the world requires locomotion, at a steady pace with leisure. It keeps you curious and committed. It is where the magic happens, it's where you can find joy.


She practices patience, believes in trust, and starts with 'I notice' and 'I wonder'. 

Ginni has been awarded local and international artist residencies where she's created visual and written work from an intuitive and inquisitive place. Her studio explorations are tactile and playful in nature. 

In addition to her studio and writing practice, Ginni works with Commercial clients on various commissions and runs her project Seadar Shop – a place to learn and make with nature.


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Email: ginniseehagel@gmail.com

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