Ginni Seehagel is a visual artist, writer, and walker living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

She walks as a necessary meditation to travel/transverse, notice, submit, and to essentially derive/arrive/see – without the walking, she feels the work/seeing might not happen.

Ginni has participated in and been awarded artist residencies within Canada and internationally, where she has created work to exhibit and has completed/conducted preliminary research for ongoing and future projects.

Intuition, collected natural materials, noted shapes and textures, and borrowed metaphysical knowledge from the environment, construct her work. Ginni's installations can be described as experimental, topographical, and often site-specific; referencing and questioning the human connection to place. Techniques are pulled from mixed media, textile, craft, sculpture, and writing. 

“My work is informed by careful observation, particularly in nature – mostly while walking. I’m certain that every being has experience and insight, even those we think we can’t hear. Through observation we can listen, repeat, and learn especially.”

Ginni also connects to public communities through sharing her knowledge in plant colour chemistry through her project Seadar Shop, where she collaborates with designers, mentors and makes #artwithgarbage. 

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