New Journey, New Tools / by Ginni Seehagel


As some of you know I've been anticipating an upcoming journey for the past six months (just a few days away now!), and am excited to have some new tools to explore and document with.

Enter: the DSLR camera. Scary? Maybe... But I'm definitely looking forward to having a "real camera" of my very own rather than relying on Mike for his equipment and skills, or fumbling around with my i-Phone that likes to shut off when the temperature is too cold...too wet.. or too anything really. I mean, I am a flexible person and like surprises but it's just actually annoying when you're trying to take photos of the most perfect lump of seaweed, and you just can't 'cause...the phone. Right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

Also I'm the type of person that loves learning new things (so many things!). So what better of an opportunity to start learning how to use my new camera than taking it on a three month personal artistic journey to Iceland? (After some preliminary experimentation with my nice plant model in the hallway of our apartment of course).