Musing 2018

There is a thing I like to say about time – 'Nothing doesn’t happen in five minutes’.

In five minutes the sun sets, a kettle boils, a baby is born. Something is always happening, even during short stints of time. The more we observe single moments in those shorter periods, the more we realize they are responsible for the milestones we celebrate. Each moment is a cell of a product made, or accomplishment reached. It’s simple, and really all we have.

2018’s bestnine – Studio time was clearly about connecting with nature’s colours.

2018’s bestnine – Studio time was clearly about connecting with nature’s colours.


I’m more drawn to the New Year than any other festivity. The rollover in the calendar, like a collective birthday, reminds us that we’ve participated together in living another year. How beautiful and amazing! 365 days hold several moments, each one of them vital to the things we note as we reflect back and plan ahead.

We are not one instantaneous thing. As intricate people who develop over time, it’s important to not only reflect on the large outwardly accomplishments, but also to credit the smaller things that lead us anywhere; our ideas, wishes or dreams, our relationships, withdrawals from relationships, our decisions, our hesitations, our ‘almosts’, periods of growth, times of rest, our routines, our hobbies, our practices. They make a year and a lifetime whole.

Last Year’s Notes

No matter the job or place in life, I have always observed and reported back. It might be my lifelong praxis.

A friend of mine once summed it up greatly after I petitioned her assumption that I was ‘So smart.’
It wasn’t that I was so smart, but that I just ‘saw stuff’ and then told her about it.

Exercising this practice with more clients this year has been such a gift! It’s a dream to storytell with teams I admire, and to connect with others over my more personal work.

Here is a list of highlights from projects and living last year, big and small, in no particular order :)

Launched a new website and portfolio

Wrote an article and interview series for a branded online journal with a household name

Exercised a youthful voice for a Canadian travel magazine

Made paint from plants and minerals

Painted with paint from plants and minerals

Played with beach finds

Designed a line of t-shirts for a Canadian apparel company

Was scared of submitting personal writing to writing competitions

Submitted a piece of personal writing to a well-known national writing competition (!)

Noted over 3500km of British Columbia by RV

Received an artwork inquiry from a swoon-worthy local Interior Design firm

Walked countless quiet, enjoyable steps

Read and connected with many synchronistic books

Bathed in salt water


Got ideas in the shower

Nurtured our apartment into a home

Took care of my body

Got better at talking about my work

Reached out to collaborate with an organization I care about

Sold a piece of coveted artwork to some dear friends

Enthusiastically championed the projects of others

Supported and worked with my hilarious and talented husband

Helped coordinate an exceptional holiday art show

Became connected with a creative community in a new city

Remembered an enjoyment for bringing people together

Sat with herons

Spotted eagles

Loved a sand flea

Met friends

Wanted, and still want, a dog

Thanks for being part of my journey. Enjoy another year of moments!



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Camp Brand Goods Fall '18 Capsule Collection

This summer I worked with Camp Brand Goods to create four new shirt designs for their Fall ’18 capsule collection based off my work with natural pigments and foraged materials.

Designs were inspired by an original textile painting I did last year with thickened natural dyes. Shown below.

Camp is known for its simple and nostalgic designs, often using just one or two colours in their silkscreened prints. I’d describe their brand as a blend of old athletic and graphic, so it made sense to go off the textile painting I made, which is my take on abstract landscape.

Thickened natural dyes from food waste on cotton. Aug. 2017

Thickened natural dyes from food waste on cotton. Aug. 2017


Walking where I live is a large part of my practice, and as an exercise in mindfulness I often like to break down my surroundings into more simple elements, recognizing mountain ranges and horizon lines simply as shapes rather than detailed land masses for example. These shapes or ‘mindscapes’ as I’ve called them, made their way into my personal work first as collage and then as drawings, stencils, and paintings.

For the shirt designs we wanted to bring in fun seasonal colours while staying true to the earthy tones of the natural paints I mixed for the originals. Knowing they’d be silkscreened I was mindful of texture, as anything too variegated wouldn’t read as well in the medium. Solid shapes with high opacity was what we were going for so I chose to paint the original designs on low-grain watercolour paper with handmade gouache, and then scanned them to prep for printing.

The botanical typography design was made using foraged wildflowers and greenery native to Canada. We chose to print direct to garment for this one to preserve the original colour and detail of the plants.

Collection images by Chris Amat

This was an exciting process for both of us, as it referenced the character and natural palette of my work while allowing for production at a much larger and accessible scale. I hope that it will inspire more opportunities to collaborate across mediums with other brands.

Shop the collection on Camp’s website and see more in Design.

Thanks for reading about this work, it was a blast to create!



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