p² is part poetry, part prose.
It is also poetry and prose in part(s).

p² began as a mindset, taking shape as a project. Ginni typed out shorts of all sorts (were they poems, were they prose – did it matter?) and shared them immediately with a readership over Instagram – an exercise she compares to tumbling herself over the edge of a low diving board with a long gazing line-up behind.

A pool isn't refreshing until you drop in, and once you do, the water is fine.

Ginni realized that her snippets of writing were of value and enjoyment to herself and others. While not fully grown, they were still worth mulling on and sharing. As a whole life is a series of moments, a whole piece of writing is a series of lines or thoughts.

A single thought could be as impactful as one carved from a polished paragraph or full-length article. Why hide those thoughts away when they could already be out doing work in the world? The execution may not be 'perfect', but most internships aren't.

The shared pieces are short improvisations or excerpts pulled from Ginni's journal entries and longer works in progress. They are little experiments. Some sit in the petri dish longer than others. Favourites are fed – growing larger, or into something else completely.

It's an intuitive process. 


Why p²  (p squared) ?

Partial poetry, partial prose project is a lot of P's. So p²  for short. Also with Instagram being the project's main living space, 'squared' felt right for a name. 



Every whole is made of parts.

Before something is 'finished', it is unfinished.
It exists as its beginnings – the best place to start. 


© 2019 Ginni Seehagel